The Last “Warrior’s” Supper: Before The Urbanathlon in Chicago

The warriors of Team AM celebrate months of preparation for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon. This is our dinner the night before the race. It has been an honor to train with these strong men, and I look forward to sharing this experience with them again, very soon. I am extremely proud of their efforts, and […]

Team AM – Houston: Men’s Health Magazine Urbanathlon Training on The Playground

Here are some video highlights from one of our Team AM ( training sessions at the playground. We are a few weeks out from competing for the first time, in the Men’s Health Urbanathlon. During the time that we shot this footage, my focus was to help build up the guys’s muscle endurance, improve their […]

Week 3 of Training For The Men’s Health Urbanathalon

The warriors of the Awakenings Movement Houston training for the October 17, 2009 Men’s Health Magazine Urbanathlon in Chicago. Here’s footage from weekend 3. The workout? 1. Partner Wheel Barrel Walks 2. Sabertooth Crawl uphill/Bear Crawl downhill 3. Jump Rope 4. Stair-skipping 1 round of each x 1 min/2 rounds of each x 2 min. […]

The Guys of AM Houston Train 4 The Men’s Health Urbanathlon

The Warriors of the Awakenings Movement Houston train for the October 17, 2009 Men’s Health Magazine Urbanathlon in Chicago. Break out the battling ropes, tires, hills, and warrior spirit. Chicago, here we come. The 3 teams’ training program is being design by New Warrior Training Systems – Houston. For more info, be sure to subscribe […]