Coach Sincere Hogan’s Bodyweight & Kettlebell Workouts of Day For The Week of 01/26/09

Here’s a look at my body weight and kettlebell workouts of the day, that I performed with my New Warrior Kettlebell class and my New Warrior FitCamp (formally known as JoshOne FitCamp & Fitness Bootcamps)  in Houston, TX. It’s been a killer week. Monday’s workout, definitely set the tone for this week’s intensity. Always take […]

WOD: 121108 Kettlebell Swing Pyramid

Superset the following exercises. You will perform the kettlebell alternating swings, sprint 20 yards, perform your push ups, and sprint back. Repeat this, until you have completed the given amount of sets. 50 alt kb swings/50 push ups 45 alt kb swings/45 push ups 40 alt kb swings/40 push ups 35 alt kb swings/35 push […]

WOD: 11/11/08 Kettlebell Ladders

  Perform 1 rep on one side, exchange the kb, and perform 1 rep on the other side. Next, exchange kb, and perform 2 reps on one side, exchange…etc. Start from 1 rep and work your way to 10 on excercises 1 and 2. work from 1 to 5 on exercise 3. Perform hindu push […]