Strength Coach Sincere Hogan’s Walk-thru of New Warrior FitCamp & Kettlebells Southwest Houston Location


It’s been a long time coming, and the moment is almost here. It’s time for New Warrior FitCamp & New Warrior Kettlebells to go deeper underground, as we prepare to relocate to Old School Strength & Conditioning gym (also home to Mike House’s Strength Camp). Thus, for my folks in the Houston, TX. area, as well as those visiting Houston & wanting to get in some hardcore training, during your visit, I wanted to give you a early look at the new New Warrior FitCamp & New Warrior Kettlebells Underground Strength gym location.

The future of New Warrior Training Systems™ & New Warrior FitCamp is going beyond the outdoors. We’re going “Underground.”


The new New Warrior In & Out System™ will include: Kettlebells/Sleds/Stones/Kegs/Ropes/Prowlers/Atlas Stones/Monkey Bars/Gymnastics Rings/Jacobs Ladder/Dumb bells/Barbells/Sandbags/sandbells/More tires (from 150-630lbs)/More bodyweight (our bread & butter…w/o the bread & butter)/and new & improved fat-shrinking, lean body building, fluff-free, New Warrior Training.

This is all-around fitness for anyone, not everyone. Oh, did I mention, we are heading to Southwest Houston? In a little over 6 weeks, Southwest Houston is reborn. Message me, to reserve your spot.

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