Ep.#68: Steve Cotter & Ken Blackburn return to discuss what they have planned for the upcoming LLA Summit weekend in Las Vegas, the connection between dogs, balls, & Dairy Queen, smarter training programming, kettlebells, Ken’s Chippendale audition, & mor




Steve Cotter & Ken Blackburn (http://ikff.net)join in to discuss, more in depth, the highly anticipated Live Life Aggressively Summit training course weekend in Las Vegas, in September. The event is currently half way sold out without any official online registration, and promises to be the one can’t-miss 2 day training course of the year.

Ken & Steve share what the two of them will teach during the course and why you do not want to miss this rare opportunity to train with the two of them, as well as with Mike & Sincere. Ken and Steve also update the LLA Podcast nation on what projects the two of them are currently involved in, as well.

Steve & Ken join Sincere and Mike to discuss:


  • Why it’s good for business to have dirt on people
  • What Vegas scenario involves strength experts John Brookfield, John “Wild” Buckley, Jason Dolby, and Andrew Durniat
  • The importance of programming and why it will be the highlight of the Live Life Aggressively Summit
  • After one month of Ken Blackburn’s programming, where exactly did Sincere gain his 5 pounds of muscle
  • What are the benefits of combining powerlifting, bodyweight training, and kettlebell sport-style training
  • How can you benefit from kettlebell sport based training, even if you never plan to compete in kettlebell sport
  • Steve shares how fitness professionals will learn how to be better coaches by attending the LLA course, and how non-fitness professionals will benefit as well
  • How will all four coaches cover the importance of recovery, in order to prolong your years of training
  • What are the benefits of implementing kettlebell sport training techniques in the training regimen of combat athletes
  • How has long cycle sprints w/ two 36kg (79lbs x 2) at a bodyweight of 175 lbs carried over to Master of Sport, Mitch Blackburn’s jiu-jitsu game
  • How did Steve ruin any chance of Sincere ever eating at Dairy Queen again
  • What’s the difference between eating at a high-priced Vegan restaurant and Whole Foods
  • 3 reasons you do not want to miss the LLA Training Summit in Las Vegas: Pistol jumps on blackjack tables, cossack dances, and Ken Blackburn’s Chippendale audition at the Rio
  • Why you won’t see Radio Shack outfits at this course & where you may find them, now
  • How did Celine Dion play a part in Mike’s testosterone booster research
  • What you can expect from the new upcoming IKFF website & Steve’s latest book
  • How you can grab one of the remaining spots for the course & avoid the waiting list


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