Steve Cotter Talks About His New Kettlebell DVD: “Extreme Strength” on The New Warrior Nation


IKFF (International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation) founder, Steve Cotter has been on the cutting edge of physical culture for over 3 decades. Steve is internationally known for his unique training system that successfully bridges the gap between traditional holistic Eastern training philosophies and Western fitness culture.

Steve took time out of his busy travel and training schedule to stop by the New Warrior Nation and discuss his new 12 week kettlebell training DVD called “Extreme Strength.”


IKFF coaches Ken Blackburn, Sincere Hogan, Steve Cotter

Sincere with IKFF instructors Ken Blackburn & Steve Cotter @ inaugural IKFF certification workshop: Chicago

During this two part interview, Steve and I discuss who this DVD is for, what to expect from this 12 week program, the culture and popularity of kettlebell training, combining kettlebells and barbells together to achieve better results, mental training and mental toughness, how this 12 week kettlebell training program benefits and carries over into your everyday life, as well as Steve’s background in the martial arts, and how it all ties into his training philosophy.

Grab your copy of Steve’s new DVD at and spend the next 12 weeks forging the body and mental strength you’ve been looking for, from a training program.

As for now, you can check out this 2 part interview in the following videos, or download & listen them to your favorite MP3 player or computer, via the audio podcast. Let me know what you think, and feel free to leave your comments and questions regarding the interview or the DVD below.




Steve Cotter – Xtreme Strength DVD Pt. 1


Steve Cotter – Xtreme Strength DVD Pt. 2


  • Paul

    Does your dvd include anything close to yoga?