Sincere’s 2010 Arnold Sports Festival Kettlebell Adventures pt.2


Here are a few more moments from the second day at the 2010 Arnold Sports Festival. My fellow IKFF kettlebell competitors & I head to the Columbus Convention Center, after our official weigh in.

The most serious thing about weigh-ins, is making weight (of course). As with any sport, where making weight is essential, the secret is not to cut a lot of weight the night &/or day before weigh ins, but to always walk around near your competition weight.

The best part of it all…getting your grub on after weigh-ins, as my buddy Estella Hom & I do in this video. However, the best part of this clip is the “live entertainment” provided by our boy, Rick Bradley, 2 “blushing brides-to-be, and some “kettlebell swing-inspired” dancing in a window…don’t ask….just watch.

Also, look out for appearances from WKC/AKC & kettlebell honored Master of Sport, Valery Fedorenko, and more.
By the way, should we add Rick’s “Window Dancing” as a new competition at the Arnold in 2011? Leave your comments below.

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