R.I.P. To A True Warrior, Evan Tanner


This morning, I found out that UFC fighter, Evan Tanner had passed away. According to He was an MMA great, as well as a great Texan. Evan Tanner was truly the renaissance man of MMA, with a great work ethic. I truly hoped it wasn’t true when I saw the tweet about Evan’s passing this morning on Twitter. However, according to various MMA related sites, including Sherdog.com, Tanner’s body was found in the Palo Verde, CA. mountain area. Early reports state that the former UFC middleweight champion succumbed to complications from heat stroke.

I recently had the honor of meeting Evan Tanner in person, at UFC 84:Ill Will, back in May in Las Vegas. Evan took the time to take photos, sign autographs, and kick it with his many fans, during the fight weigh-ins the day before the fight event. Tanner even took the time to take a shot with yours truly, while letting me briefly live my UFC championship dreams, by posing with his championship belt (below). Evan Tanner was 37, and will be sadly missed.

Take a look below at the tribute video I found on YouTube. Once you finish watching the video, if you are a fan of MMA, please share your thoughts on Evan Tanner, in the comments section.

  • Wow, really sad. And very surprising. RIP Evan.


  • Kamil

    RIP man he was a really cool guy. Human. RIP Champ

  • Lucian

    Rest in peace Evan Tanner!