Pt. 3 of Sincere’s “House of Pain” Visit to Houston’s Primal Iron Gym


Here’s part 3 of my visit to Houston’s Primal Iron Gym, one of the premiere underground gyms in Htown. This final installment features a hardcore 7 minute circuit of madness featuring a few of my favorite underground training implements: battling ropes, sledgehammer, tires, sandbags, a heavy “bag” named “Peggy Bundy,” and the infamous “towel dance” even makes a cameo appearance.

All 7 minutes are performed without a break, and in pyramid fashion. The fellas spent 1 minute at each station. This workout was the finisher to a 30/30 workout that the fellas completed before I arrived, and also, the previous clip I posted, from my visit. You can find that clip here:

MMA pro, Carlo Prater, took the session up a notch, by performing the entire workout with a lung expander. This portion of the workout further demonstrates what a few New Warriors can accomplish together, in order to save time, get a lot of conditioning in with minimal equipment, as well as build comradery.

Here’s the workout:

1. Battling Ropes x 1 min.
2. Sandbag Toss x 1 min
3. Sledgehammer Tire Slams x 1 min
4. Box Jump on Tractor tire x 1 min
5. Sledgehammer Tire Slams x 1 min
6. Sandbag Toss x 1 min
7. Battling Ropes x 1 min

I want to thank Bart, David, and Carlo, for their great hospitality, and giving me the opportunity to show all of my folks in the New Warrior Nation, how we get down “Underground Style” here in Houston. Stay tuned for more from Primal Iron Gym and New Warrior Training. You won’t want to miss it.

Don’t forget to leave your comments below and let the fellas know what you think about their training and their gym.

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  • What a work out in a few minutes. I am definatley going to try this. What are you using for the sand bags? they look like boxing bags? and what do they weigh? aprox?

    Tires ,ropes and sledges I can get.Thanks very cool.


  • Stu

    Connor, I train with these guys. Bart told me the sandbags are just some cheap duffle bags from an army surplus store, a 50lb bag of pea gravel from Home Depot, which was double bagged with some contractor grade trashbags and taped up to keep all the contents inside. Cheap, effective, and fun.