Primal Iron Brethren w/ Texas Roots, Carlo Prater Set To Make Long Awaited UFC Debut


It’s no secret that I am a fan of mixed martial arts. Actually, I’m a little more than a fan. However, that’s beside the point. I’m even more of a fan of folks who bust their you-know-what on a daily basis, without worrying about being rewarded for it, yet eventually they are. Professional MMA fighter, and more importantly, friend, Carlo Prater is no exception.

I first met Carlo about a year and half ago, via my good friend, and a man I consider a brother, Rev. Bart Stewart. Prior to moving his training program to the prestigious Houston-based MMA powerhouse Paradigm Training Center, Bart operated his Primal Iron Strength Training facility about a block away from my, then residence, near Downtown Houston.


When I first met Carlo, he was very humble, welcoming, yet, focused. He also exuded an overwhelming sense of calm, despite the chaos that is Rev. Bart’s apocalyptic-styled training techniques. Although Carlo has been putting in work in the professional MMA circuit via such great organizations such as WEC, FFC, IFC, PFC, Strikeforce, and Legacy FC, I could see from the aforementioned attributes, that it was just a matter of time before Carlo would get his big break in the ultimate MMA promotion, the UFC.

This Saturday night, the Brazilian-born, U.S. raised (including Oklahoma & the great state of Texas), Prater is set to make his UFC debut in Rio de Janeiro  at UFC 142. Carlo, with 40 fights (29-10-1) during his 10 years as a pro, finally gets a chance to show opponent Erik Silva and UFC fans, why other UFC vets Carlos Condit & Spencer Fisher have become casualties of Carlo’s win column.

However, I wanted you to get an early sneak peak, and witness Carlo’s work ethic, as well as what drives him to become a better fight, father, husband, and the epitome of a true warrior, each and every day, via his own words. Thus, I dug into the New Warrior archives, and shared the following clip of my visit with Carlo, Primal Iron coaches Bart Stewart & David Brashear, and the Primal Iron family.

(By the way, check out my clairvoyant moment at 5:40, into the clip)

New Warrior Nation, meet Carlo Prater. Carlo, meet the New Warrior Nation. Enjoy, and we wish you the best, during your UFC debut, brotha.



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