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Ep.#186: Ty Ritter is the founder of Project Child Save, which specializes in the rescue of children that have been kidnapped or sold into sexual slavery and child pornography worldwide

  Ty Ritter is a stuntman, protection specialist, and founder of Project Child Save, which specializes in the rescue of children that have been

Ep.#185: Jerry Brainum discusses IGF-1, newsletter inspirations from Penthouse, leg training with Arnold Schwarzenegger, citrulline for pre-sexual performance, and more

  Jerry Brainum returns to the LLA Show to discuss the following: Jerry shares how his newsletter was inspired by a magazine he wrote for and was published by an editor of Penthouse Jerry describes training lower body with Arnold Schwarzenegger and why it was always an

Ep.#184: Ryan Andrews, a part of the Precision Nutrition coaching team, talks transitioning from competitive bodybuilding,plant-based dieting mistakes, how volunteering in Africa changed his perspective on diet, training, life and more

    Ryan Andrews is a competitive bodybuilder turned registered dietitian, yoga instructor, and volunteer organic farmhand, Ryan trained at

Ep.#183: Top strength coach, Eric Cressey talks how speed helped him deadlift nearly 5 times his bodyweight & other deadlifting tips, the benefits of glute-ham raises, and Mike helps clarify the supplements responsible for Jon Jones’s removal from UFC 200

  Highly sought-after strength coach, Eric Cressey joins the LLA Show to discuss the following: Eric shares the importance of speed necessary for efficient deadlifts and how it has helped him lift

Ep.#182: Burn guitarist and strength coach, Gavin Van Vlack, returns to talk touring and training, the pros and cons of trapbar deadlifts, Wendler’s 531 program, UFC 200 predictions, and UnderRoos sponsorship

    Burn guitarist & top strength coach, Gavin Van Vlack returns to the LLA Show to discuss the following: Gavin talks being on tour with his band Burn, running his training facility, &

Ep.#181: Robert Cozmo Consulmagno, is a Marine vet and current #2 world ranked purple belt in jiu jitsu who shares how he utilizes his own fight w/PTSD and Bi-polar disorder to encourage others, and how he uses intense physical training as his therapy

  Robert Consulmagno is living breathing proof that Bi Polar disorder & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are nothing more than a fight?One that can be won and one that can be put back in ORDER! Cozmo speaks to Veterans and organizations about his own fight with PTSD & Bi-Polar Disorder and how to mount […]

Ep.#180: Mike and Sincere discuss “Tiger Nut’s” testosterone boosting effects, making Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1 program work for you, how women can identify if their hormones are optimized, the need for violence in movies,”How Champions Think,”and more

  This week, Mike & Sincere discuss the following: Mike & Sincere answer listener’s questions regarding Jim Wendler’s

Ep.#179: Joshua Manuel shares how he installs the winning psychological edge into MMA fighters, Matt Brown, boxers and other combat athletes

  Joshua Manuel works with high-performance clients who need instant results. During his 14+ years of experience, Joshua has delivered