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Ep.#197: Top strength coach Lee Boyce returns to see if Mike & Sincere reached their 2016 training goals predictions, Tim Ferris’s & Tony Robbins’s misleading strength claims, training in the 40’s vs the 30’s & 20’s, and more

  Top strength coach, Lee Boyce, returns to the LLA show to share the results of his 2016 training goals, as predicted on episode #159, to see if Mike & Sincere made good on their predictions, explains why he is

Ep.#196: Ron Morris talks life as a pro wrestler, his friendshp w/the legendary Road Warrios, life in a biker gang, kettlebell training with the RKC, utilizing Qigong to help counteract debilitating diseases, and more

Ron Morris is the quintessential renaissance man, whose life includes a career as a pro wrestler, training with the likes of the legendary Road Warriors, a member of a real life motorcycle gang, opening the first

Ep.#195: Harley Flanagan talks jiu-jitsu, Renzo Gracie, the infamous Cro-Mags/John Joseph/Webster Hall incident, his influence on Mike Mahler, and more

  Harley Flanagan, longtime member of legendary New York hardcore band, The Cro-Mags, makes his debut appearance on the

Ep.#194: Ty Ritter returns w/the latest on Project Child Save, being skeptical of international travel agencies, asking charities the right questions before donating, & why discussing “Stranger Danger” w/kids is not enough

  Project Child Save founder, Ty Ritter, returns with an update on PCS, since first appearing on the show, some behind-the-scenes tales of

Ep.#193: James Pond returns to discuss his new mission with the Veteran’s Path organization to help our Vets transition back to civilian life and help eliminate the growing number of veteran suicides

  Friend of the show and popular guest, James Pond, returns for this special Veteran’s Day edition of the

Ep.#192: Dr. Julio Garcia returns to discuss the quest for a 600lb dedlift before 60, in spite of a recent surgery, intermittent fasting as part of rehab, platelet therapy for knee surgery to hair replacement, and more

    Dr. Julio Garcia returns to discuss the

Ep.#191: Christian Thibaudeau talks top mistakes made by natural trainees, making your Crossfit experience beneficial, his views on Tabata workouts, and more

  Top strength coach and popular T-nation contributor, Christian Thibaudeau returns to discuss

Ep.#190: Mike Gillette returns to talk his 4 dimensional training system, training with all-around badass Dennis Rogers, substitute exercises for Olympic lifts, the benefits of training with rings, and more

  Popular guest, Mike Gillette, returns this week to discuss the following: Mike returns to discuss his training system and how one of his previous