No Gym? No Problem? The Power of Bodyweight Conditioning Anytime, Anywhere…


It’s no secret that I am a fan of bodyweight training. It truly addresses the “List of “Nots:”

  • Not having enough time to work out
  • Not having enough space for equipment
  • Not wanting to spend a lot of money on pricey equipment
  • Not wanting to perform exercises that bulk you up and make you look like a bodybuilder
  • Not just wanting to do exercises that make you stronger, but also, burn fat, build a strong flat mid-section, a lean, and a tight body, while building cardio endurance
  • It doesn’t hurt to also become more flexible, enhance joint mobility, and help create a resilient and injury-resistant body, as well. Plus, throw in the “These exercises are “actually” fun!” factor, and I’m all in…

    This is what my New Warrior Training System is built on, and this system is what
    has helped a countless number of my clients burn a load of fat, get stronger,
    feel better than they ever have, as well as look and feel like they can take on the
    world…as any New Warrior should, right 😉

    That is why I created the Ultimate Bodyweight Conditioning for Strength & Fat Loss
    Workshop DVD.

    If you are ready to begin the New Year the right way, by “finally” sticking to a training
    program that actually works, promises to be challenging, yet fun and different than
    the same old boring push ups & crunches, then this DVD is exactly what you’re looking for.

    This new DVD comes with 3 bonuses:

    1. A 4-week Fat Loss Program, that utilizes all of the exercises featured on the DVD.

    2. A bonus bodyweight exercise manual.

    3. An exclusive interview with Hormone Optimization expert, Mike Mahler, on why you
    should optimize your bodies hormones, and how you can get started right now.

    I’ve extended the “pre-release” sale price of my new DVD, and
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