“No Diet Is Sacred” – Guest Post by Nutrition Expert & Coach Sean Flanagan


Today’s guest post is  from my friend, and nutrition expert, Sean Flanagan. Now, if you know what the New Warrior lifestyle is really about (especially all of the regular followers of this blog), then you know I only feature guest posts from cats who are straight, to the point, don’t hold back, and tell it like it is & should be. Sean is no exception, and I look forward to future guest posts from him.

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Sean Flanagan


If you want to truly be aware of how your body is responding to a given collection of foods and eating strategies (aka “your diet”), you need to be able to pay attention and evaluate the individual components.

All too often, people drastically change dietary faiths – they have some sort of eureka moment and decide to convert into a different “religion” to speak.  They decide to eschew the Standard American Diet and start praying to the soybean gods – so long meat and cheese, you unholy abominations.  So then they feel better for some time, but don’t TRULY know why.

They just give it a name – “my vegan diet”.     How do you know it’s not ONE single meat or dairy source that was holding you back?    Or your lack of vegetables before and the fact that you now actually eat some?     The problem with this lumping together of ideas into one broad brush mental construct of a “diet” is , you don’t truly know what component works – or doesn’t work.   So you may have removed an excessive amount of foods, which over time can cause its own problems.   Good nutrition is about consuming plenty of nutrients after all…

Or perhaps they’ll go “Paleo” and have miraculous results with a condition that’s been bothering them.   Hey – if it helps you, awesome.    But you should figure out what specifically it is about your change that is helping you – and what part is perhaps unnecessary to have overly strict devotion to.    If you remove grains, dairy, legumes, and sugar all at once, how do you know if it was ALL of things holding you back or just one of them (or even one subcategory of them like gluten)?     You should know what exactly helps and hurts you  – and not just resort to historical reenactment caveman reductionism.


(Is That A Cossacks Stretch You’re Doing or Are You Just Happy To See Me?)


If you’re in a really tricky spot with your health, making a variety of big changes MIGHT be the best option you have.    Realize, in this situation, that you don’t truly know what factors played the largest role.    You made some progress and that’s great – be grateful.    In the long term though, you should get a sense for what individual components are working for you – or not working for you.       Being able to isolate the individual components is what separates your pursuit of individual truth within your body from the dogma of someone else – and also keeps you on the path for LONG term health.


Sean Flanagan is a Health & Nutrition Coach helping clients worldwide break from the traps of conventional “dieting”.
Be sure to grab your copy of Sean’s latest ebook: “Fit Body Blueprint for Women” at http://budurl.com/fbbfw.
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