New Warrior Fall-Inspired Hybrid Bodyweight Training for Strength & Fat Loss


The weather is unbelievably, yet truly appreciatively, cool here in my neck of the woods today. It’s days like this that make going outside and training, a welcomed experience. Today’s awesome Houston, Texas weather also reminded me of the following New Warrior hybrid bodyweight training clip I posted a while back. However, these exercises still kick butt and give you more bang for your buck, in your workout. Plus, it further goes to prove that you should not sleep on bodyweight training.


The following exercises still with my philosophy that bodyweight training does not have to be limited to the same old boring standard push ups, squats, unnecessary & countless crunches that are bastardized by uncreative so-called fitness professionals. In the following workout, we add a different twist (literally) to some old school bodyweight favorites, as well as utilize effective ways to use the full-body to build strength, jack up your metabolism, and even for some of you, get your cardio in, as well.



Today’s workout is a mix of butt-kicking, hybrid exercises. Don’t worry, if you don’t know what half of these exercises are, or how to do them. I’ve included an instructional video with this post.

1. Heisman Lunges

2. 3 Step Hindu/Mt.Jumper Push Ups

3. 180 degree Seated Crunch

4. Swing Out Sister Dips

5. Run 400m (or skip rope x 360 reps or as many skips as possible x 3 minutes)

Perform ea. exercise back-to-back for 1 min. ea. rest 1 minute between exercises. Perform 3-5 rounds.




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  • Paul

    Thanks for posting, going to try that one today!

  • Sincere

    Sure thing, Paul. Be sure to let me know what you think, my friend. Enjoy!

  • Paul

    Workout was great! During first round I was thinking the 1 min rest was making it too easy, but after that the 1 min was just right. Instead of the 400m run or jump rope, we ran a steep set of steps in a forest preserve just south of Chicago. I wish I could attach a picture. Did this workout with the wife. She liked it too. Question: on the 180 degree sit-up I thought you were supposed to contract the opposite flute as you go back. Am I remembering this wrong from Mahler’s seminar? I think you said in the video to contract the flute on the same side you are going back.

  • oh lord! First time tho! Excellent! I did it hell. Whew!!
    Thank you coach!

    Big hug~!

  • Sincere

    That’s awesome, Josephine. Keep it up. I’ll have another killer workout coming for next month. If you think this one was a smoker, wait until the next one.

  • Sincere

    Hi Paul. I believe Mike prefers to contract the opposite glute. However, since I recorded this clip, I’ve found that now, I prefer to contract both. It feels more natural, and really eliminates any room for error. However, that’s just my personal opinion. Give it a try and let me know what you think.