New Warrior Workouts: “The 5 Minute Energy Boost”


OK, who needs a 5 hour energy drink, when you can bust out this 5 “Minute Energy” workout. This one is all bodyweight exercises, so you can even do these while you’re at work, at home with the kiddos ( by the way, kids make excellent training partners ;-), or while you’re on the eyelash-plucking -inspired business conference call.

5 Hour Energy


You will perform each exercise for 1 minute, and rest for 15 seconds (Yes, I said 15 seconds. Suck it up! We only have 5 minutes to get things done here, ok? So, Butch Up!).


Hydrate well, before and after this workout, as well as throughout the day. When I say hydrate, I don’t mean sugary sodas, crappy energy drinks, or so-called “sports” drinks. Get some water in your life.


Also, if I hear one more person claim they do not drink water, because they just don’t like the taste, I will scream….very loudly….in their ear….repeatedly…..while speaking in tongues……no, seriously….I will.


If you can taste your water, then the water is not the problem, kiddo.


Not so tasty water

Now, where was I? Oh yeah. I like these types of quickies and nooners (get your mind out of the gutter….at least for the next 5+ minutes), during the day, when I am working at home on my computer all day. My body (as well as yours), will want this much needed movement and energy boost. The bonus is, you can do this quite a few times, throughout the day.


Treat this workout like 3 square meals, meaning, you can do this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a couple of times in between. Just like 3 nutrient-dense meals, these 5 minute energy boosters can serve as food for your body, mind, and longevity.


Alright, enough of the yip-yap. Let’s get started. If you need a timer, here is nice free…yes “free” one at If you are training outside (which is how we like it, here in the New Warrior Nation), then grab a Gymboss at


Now, here’s your 5 minute quickie! (“That’s what she said”…….sorry, couldn’t resist).


You have 3 choices of exercises, depending on your training level (beginner/intermediate/advanced).


Beginner = training 2-3 times a week for less than 6 months

Intermediate = training 3-4 times a week for 7-11 months

Advanced = training 4-6 times a week for 1 year +



*** Note: Seeing that you only have 1 minute to do each exercise, as well as a total of 5 minutes to get this done, you will crack out as many reps, as quickly as possible (with good form), for each exercise. ***



1. Bodyweight squat/ stick up squat (hands stay overhead as you deep squat)/ Prisoner Jump Squat (fingers interlaced behind your head while you squat deep and jump high)


2. Push Up/ Alternating Push Up & Raise/ Plyo Push Up


3. High Knee March In Place/ Imaginary Jump Rope/ Sprint In Place


4. Dips with legs in 90 degree angle/ Dips with legs straight/ Dips with leg raised -switch @ 30 second mark


5. Squat Thrust (Burpee sans push up & jump) / Burpee w/push up sans jump/ Full Burpee w/push up & Jump



Awesome! Now go wipe off, get a drink of “tasteless” water, and get back on your hustle. I’m sure you’ll be more amped up to take on life’s daily challenges now. No goeth and layeth the smackdown on life’s candy a–!



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