New Warrior Workouts: Plyo-Spidey Push Ups & 400m Interval Sprint


Here is a cool workout we did in our New Warrior FitCamp class. This is a simple, yet effective fat-burning, strength workout, using only 2 exercises.

You will perform each exercise back to back, and rest only between rounds. Rest no more than 2-3 min between rounds.

Perform as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) x 20-30 min. Always begin w/proper warm up & joint mobility and end with joint mobility & stretching.

1a. Plyo Spiderman Push Up x 10/side
1b. 400m Interval Sprints

(beginner/intermediate: Sprint curves/jog straight-away)
(advanced: sprint straight-away/jog curve)

Don’t have access to a track? Jog x 50 or 100 yds. Sprint 100-200 yds on a hill, field, trail, running trail, basketball court perimeter, etc.

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