New Warrior WOD: Ropes, Primates, & Insect Bodyweight Circuit


Here’s a trio of fat-burning, full body exercises, that not only build strength, but gets your heart racing, as well.

Basically, you will perform the following exercises:

1. Skip Rope (aim for 120-140 reps per minute)
2. Chimp Walks (aim for 25-30 rpm)
3. Grasshopper Push Ups (aim for 20-25 rpm)

Putting it all together:

1. Beginners: Perform ea. exercise for 1 min/rest 60-90secs
2. Intermediate: perform ea. exercise for 1 min/rest 1 min.
3. Advanced: Perform ea. exercise for 1 min/rest 30 secs or no rest between exercises/rest 30-60sec btwn rounds.

Perform 3-5 rounds

Bonus: Add an extra minute to ea. exercise, as your rounds increase (e.g. perform all exercises for 1 min in Round 1/ 2 min. in round 2/ 3 min in Round 3, etc.)

Give it a shot & let me know what you think, by posting your comments below.

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