New Warrior Training presents: “A Few Minutes With A Girevik: Heidi Toy” pt.2


Heidi Toy in Rack POsition: Photo by Nazo OKC

In part 2 of my interview with Kettlebell Sport athlete, Heidi Toy, we discuss where she sees her place in the future of Kettlebell Sport, her singing skills, the benefits of screwing up, Coach Sergey Rudnev, Yoda, and the responsibility of being potential pioneers in Kettlebell Sport in the West.

As mentioned in pt.1 of my interview with Heidi, during the past few years, Heidi Toy has become a familiar face within the world of kettlebell sport.  Earlier in 2011, Heidi decided to take her training in kettlebell sport to the next level, once she traveled to the origin of the kettlebell and GS (Girevoy Sport), Russia, and trained with top sought-after coach (and multi-time kettlebell world champion  and Honorary Master of Sport), Sergey Rudnev.

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  • Cool, but there should be a part 3… 😉

  • Kira

    Heidi is cool 🙂

    Another good interview!

  • raul ortiz

    she is the best of the best