New Warrior Thoughts: “Mental Toughness vs. Physical Talents”


A person who is mentally tough looks at competition as a challenge to rise up to, rather than a threat to back down from.” –Gary Mack from one of favorite books, “Mind Gym.”


Look, you can have all of the physical/genetic talents in the world, but that doesn’t mean squat without the mental fortitude to take those talents beyond limits and toward you full potential.

Despite not having the most ideal physical traits, the individual that taps into the most pristine reserves of mental toughness already has an edge on the more physically gifted competition that doesn’t. Such includes your ego, that solely relies on your physical gifts, as well.

Rise up to the challenges life throws at you, & never back down. In the end, you will come to find out the only real competition you have is between the “you” that really wants it & the “you” that says you can’t get it. Stand up, New Warriors! – Sin~

p.s. How do you overcome the voices in your head that tell you you can’t do something? What mental exercises do you do to keep pushing forward? Share your mental toughness methods, in the comments section below.