New Warrior Media presents “A Few Minutes With A Girevik” #1: Jason Dolby


What’s up, New Warrior Nation. I know it’s been a while, since my last post. However, I’ve been traveling, learning, moving, improving, and putting together some great content  for you here on the NWT blog. Today is no exception.

It’s no secret how passionate I am about kettlebells and kettlebell sport. Kettlebell culture, as a sport, is still growing here in the West. However, athletes in the West have been very fortunate to train with some of the top kettlebell sport athletes, coaches, and world champions in the last few years, myself included.

Last month, I had the honor of training and learning from Honored Masters of Sport (among their many other accolades), Sergey Rudnev & Sergey Rachinskiy. In order to get an idea of what both of these coaches have accomplished, and what they are consistently do to help promote the sport and culture of kettlebells, be sure to stop by the International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy’s (IKSFA) website.

However, today’s post features a kettlebell athlete a little closer to home. On numerous occasions on this blog, my Facebook page, and even on various workshop videos, you will find photos and clips of me and my friend, Jason Dolby. The kettlebell cultre has truly made the two of us family for life, and I not only consider J.D. my friend, but more like my brother.


MIke Mahler, SIncer Hogan, Jason Dolby

Strength & Kettlebell Coaches Jason Dolby, Sincere Hogan, & Mike Mahler @ Mahler's Collision Course Workshop in Las Vegas


While attend the recent IKSFA Level 1 Kettlebell Sport Coach training camp in Frisco, TX., I had the opportunity to speak with Jason, regarding his kettlebell training transformation, since visting and training with the IKSFA team in St. Petersburg, Russia in May of 2010.  All I can say is, what a difference a year makes.


If you are interested in learning more about the culture and sport of kettlebells, you definitely want to check out the following interview with Jason, as well as keep you eyes open for more future “A Few Minutes With A Girevik” segments, on this blog.

In this quick interview, Jason discusses his experience training in Russia, his opinion on what’s next for Kettlebell Sport in the West, as well as what he thinks it will take for Kettlebell Sport to become an event in the Olympic Games.


By the way, just in case you didn’t know, a “girevik” in its older Russian meaning , referred to a man lifting kettlebells or “a kettlebell man.”

However, in my opinion, especially with some many women converging upon Girevoy Sport (aka Kettlebell Sport), as well as the training culture of kettlebells, I would simply define a girevik as anyone who truly loves the culture of kettlebells  and actively lifts the bells on a regular basis.

Now, without further adieu, here are a few thoughts from fellow girevik, Jason Dolby. Be sure to leave your comments or questions regarding Jason’s interview or all things Kettlebell Sport, below. Also, be sure to share this  post with fellow kettlebell lovers, as well. Enjoy.