New Warrior Interrogations: w/”Combat Kettlebell Sysytems” DVD creator, Joey Alvarado


I recently received former pro-MMA fighter & top level trainer, Joey Alvarado‘s “Combat Kettlebell Systems” DVD, in the mail. Joey and I connected on Facebook, via a mutual friend, Mark de Grasse of My Mad Mad Methods Magazine. Of course, as a fan of combat sports, as well as a martial arts practitioner, I was extremely curious as to see what Joey’s DVD brought to the table, in terms of strength & conditioning for combat athletes. However, I also wanted to know how the everyday Joe or Jane New Warrior, looking to get “fighter fit” but had no intentions of busting someone up professionally, would benefit from this DVD, as well.

I figured the best thing for me to do, was get the words from the sensai, himself. Thus, check out the following one-on-one interrogation between yours truly, and combat bad a**, Joey Alvarado.

NWT: What’s going on brotha? First of all, thanks for taking a moment out of your crazy schedule to chat with us today.  Let’s get things going by giving us a peek into your training background.

JA: Thank you for having me.  Its truly an honor to be interviewed by a man of your credentials. My background has always been martial arts.  Since I was 8 yrs old, I was training in Tae Kwon Do (just like everyone).  My coach was Grandmaster S.R. Moreland who is now the president of the American Hapkido Federation.  I earned black belts in both disciplines as well as a brown black in Kuk Sool Won.  Through a series of events, I realized those arts weren’t the most practical for street altercations. This led to me training in Muay Thai and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu under Frank Cucci.  I also had extensive training in Jun Fan Gung Fu(jkd) and Fillipino martial arts. I stuck with the bjj and thai boxing and later was taught the science of boxing under my biological father Joe Medrando who was a former world ranked boxer.  I continued my bjj tutelage und Roger and Rigan Machado. I competed alot for them until I caught the fight bug.  I fought pro for about 7 yrs and was fortunate enough to win the Cage of Fire lightweight title.  Then I opened my gym SoCal MMA and Fitness. We decided to get a kettlebell coach and I got hooked.  My coach was RKC certified Joe Chalakee.  I have him to thank for schooling me in the fundamentals of kettlebell training.

NWT: Wow, brotha. That’s quite a resume. Now,you just released a brand new DVD, “Combat Kettlebell System Vol 1. – MMA Strength, Conditioning, & Power.”  What inspired you to create this DVD?

JA: You know, I never thought in a million years I would be doing a kettlebell dvd.  I got into the bells because I’m constantly in search of the ultimate workout.  After being exposed to them I got hooked.  I just saw how versatile they are and started experimenting. I first discovered that they blend really well with some bodyweight bjj exercises taught to me by Roger Machado.  Then I thought to myself, how can I make these kettlebells come as close to fighting as possible?  So I experimented with moves from a fighting stance.  Before
I knew it, I developed Combat Kettlebell Systems.

NWT: Who can benefit from your new DVD & why?

JA: CKS is for everybody looking to get in better shape period.  I teach it to my fighters, female and male students alike and they all love it.  I think its a new fresh approach to kettlebell training.  I just don’t want people to get the wrong idea because of the word “combat” and think its only for fighters.  Anyone can learn it and benefit from it.

NWT: Many fighters, especially pro and amateur MMA athletes, have busy daily training schedules. Sometimes their training can go from 2-6 hours, daily.  How can combat fighters implement your program with their already hectic training schedule?

JA: Great question!  This is one of the things I love the most about kettlebells.  It’s extremely convenient.  If you have a few bells, you basically have a home gym.  If you are really busy, you can pop in my dvd, and get an intense, MMA specific workout in a half hour or less, in the comfort of your own home.

NWT: It’s obvious that most combat athletes who train hard, have great conditioning, with bodies that often show the fruits of their labor. However, how can the everyday Joe or Jane, looking to cut fat, get leaner, stronger , and get “fighter fit,” benefit and utilize your “Combat Kettlebell Systems” DVD?

JA: Well CKS was developed to mimic the intense training mma fighters endure.  So as a result, it’s an extremely effective way to burn fat and build lean muscle.  I’ve had students lose up to 50 pounds on my system. The key is consistency. So if you follow the program on the dvd, you will get results.

NWT: The popularity of training with Kettlebells is starting to grow, commercially. However, we both know that in this industry, when an area of fitness begins to become popular, it runs the risk of being watered down by those jumping on the bandwagon to make a quick buck. What makes your new DVD different from those kettlebell-focused DVDs that are being sold on the late night infomercials, as well as by “so-called” celebrity trainers?

JA: Well number one thing is, it works! People will eventually figure out if you are selling them fools gold.  So far, I’ve gotten great compliments from the kettlebell community. That tells me that I’m heading in the right direction. Its also different because I think it gives kettlebell training  more validity in the MMA community.  Also, I think my technique holds up.  My swing, snatch, cleans etc… are pretty much industry standard.

NWT: Please briefly give us a breakdown on what’s on the DVD.

JA: The CKS dvd has 30 minutes of instructionals.  We didn’t break down the kettlebell fundamentals because we felt there were plenty of DVDs out there that addressed that. So we went straight into the new stuff.  Then, there is an hour of follow along training.  It ranges from the most basic exercises, progressing to advanced moves.  There are 3×3 min rounds, 4×4 min rounds and 5×5 min rounds of training. So you get your moneys worth.

NWT: I see that you’re hosting workshops to compliment the DVD, as well. Any plans to take your show on the road? If so, where and when can folks expect to see your Combat Kettlebell System Workshops?

JA: I’m currently working on a curriculum for certifications.  I have already been talking to people in Spain, Italy, Germany, The U.K. and Canada who have shown interest in hosting workshops.  I hope to bring that into fruition by Spring/Summer of this year.  Saturday, Feb 26th, I will be hosting a 4 hour workshop to expose CKS to new kettlebell practitioners.

NWT: Lastly, where can folks find out more about you, your DVD, workshops, or any other projects that you have in the works?

JA: All of the info can be found at and

NWT: Thanks again brotha, for your time, and congratulations on the DVD release of “Combat Kettlebell Systems.” I’m looking forward to checking out more from you in the future, as well as hanging out and training with you in person, really soon.

JA: My pleasure Sincere. You honor me with this interview. You are always welcome in my gym when you are in town.  We definitely have to hook up and train together soon!

So what did you think of this one-on-one interrogation? Be sure to drop us a comment below, and be heard!