New Warrior FitCamp Houston WOD: “100/75/50/25”


Here’s a workout you can do just about anywhere and anytime. Give it shot.

Set 1:

1. Prisoner Squats x 100

2. Spider-man Push Ups x 75

3. Mt. Jumpers x 50

4. Swing Out Sisters x 25


Set 2:

1. Knee 2 Opposite Elbow Plank x 100 (50 per side)

2. Up/Downs x 75

3. Squat Thrusts x 50

4. Plyo Push Ups x 25


Perform 2 (intermediate) or 3 (advanced) rounds of each set. Post your finishing time.


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  • Kemme Fitness

    I had to share this one on Facebook. And of course I will punish my group next week with it!   Awesome. That is my kind of workout

  • Kemme Fitness

    Ok, we were humbled up here in Grand Rapids. 5 of us did this. We ran out of time (and energy) at 40 minutes. The crew did only 1 round while I did 1 round of both and a 2nd round of Set #1. We didn’t even make it to intermediate…what do we qualify for?  Beginner?  Losers? 

    I have to admit, you kicked our butts today!

    Please tell me it takes you like an hour and a half to do 3 rounds!!

  • Ha. Congrats to your crew for kicking butt, Pete. 3 rounds of each in about 30-45 min (with Godsmack as your soundtrack), should get the job done. Haha. Thanks for inflicting this goodness upon your folks. I’m sure they loved you even more, once they were done.

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