New Warrior FitCamp-Houston: Stairs & Sabertooth Play of The Day


This was a killer day of play at New Warrior FitCamp – Houston. Check out my fellow warriors & then, run out and give this a try.

Here’s what we did:

1. Run Stairs x 5 min.

(rest 3 min.)

2. Sabertooth Crawl Uphill/Jog Downhill x 5 min.

(rest 3 min.)

3. Alt. between exercise 1 & 2 x 5 min

(rest x 3min)

Repeat for all 3 for another round.

If you don’t have a hill to perform the sabertooth crawls, you can perform them on a field x 50 yds., do them on the stairs, or even a hallway (if you’re inside).

If you do not have access to stairs, perform sprints on one of the alternate locations I just listed for the sabertooth crawls. No excuses!

Let me know what you think, by posting your comments, below.

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