New Warrior FitCamp – Houston: Bear Crawl + Hindu Push Up Combo For Strength & Fat Loss


If you’re pressed on time or space, that’s still no excuse not to get a great full body training program in. During this workout, a few of my New Warrior – Houston FitCampers utilize 2 of my favorite body weight exercises, the Bear Crawl & the Hindu Push Up.

Combining both, you not only get a good full body workout that builds strength, power, flexibility, and muscle endurance. You also get a taste of cardio endurance and serious mental toughness, especially since each round is 3 minutes, with only 60 seconds rest between rounds.

The great thing is, you can do this workout just about, anywhere. You don’t have to go in a circle, either. Just perform 5 bear crawls steps forward (or backwards…or both), then perform 5 Hindu Push Ups. Continue the sequence for 3 minutes straight. Most importantly, have fun.

5 Step Bear Crawl + Hindu Push Up Combo

1a. Bear Crawl x 5 Steps
1b. Hindu Push Up x 5

Perform for 3 min. w/o rest

Rest x 60 seconds between rounds (advanced) / 90-120sec (intermediate) / 2-3 min (beginner)

Perform 5 rounds.

Let me know how you do, or what you think about this workout, by leaving a comment below.

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  • Great post and workout Sincere! I’m gonna use this as a good finisher after one of my Kettlebell Kamp GS workouts.

    Thank you my friend! 🙂

    Bob Garon

  • troyboy1969

    You turned into RoboCop! Lmao!!

  • Angie

    That girl in the black is killin' it!!! Love it!