New Warrior Coach Sincere Hogan Hanging Out At Mike House’s House Strength Camp & Gym – Houston


Finding quality (but gutter) Underground Strength Gyms in Houston has been quite a task for yours truly. However, my good friend, Mike House has finally open his underground strength facility, House Strength Camp, in Southwest Houston.

Recently, I had the opportunity to stop by Mike’s new spot, where we talked shop about training underground style, training athletes, creating underground training implements, as well as how Mike got into strength and conditioning.

House has worked with some of the best in the strength & conditioning game, including Zach Even-Esh, Elliott Hulse, as well as in the world of kettlebell training, including Pavel Tsatsouline (RKC), Steve Cotter (IKFF), and one of the greatest in the world in Kettlebell Sport, Valery Fedorenko.

Check our Underground Strength Gym bootleg version of “Cribs,” and get a peak inside one of Houston’s best new, up & coming strength facilities. You can find out more about Mike House’s “House Strength Camp – Houston” at

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