Mike Mahler Discusses The Benefits of Transdermal Magnesium Oil


When it comes to most supplements, I usually keep it moving, as I feel most are a waste of time and money. A lot of supplements make big promises and do not deliver. However, most are specifically designed that way, in order to suck you in, get your money, and kick you to the curb, once you purchase the product.

Being connected to so many coaches and trainers in the fitness and wellness industry, I am always getting recommendations of the latest “supplement miracle.” However, here is the issue I find. Most of these coaches or trainers, who make these recommendations, either:

a. Never tried the product

b. Haven’t “thoroughly” researched the product, in order to find out if it truly backs up the claims it makes

c. Don’t have a clue about how the ingredients of the products “truly” react in the human body

d. Have not researched the company producing the product, nor that company’s reputation &/or practices

e. These coaches or trainers are more focused on cashing in on making some small affiliate commission on the product, than if the product can really help the person buying and using it.

f. All of the above!

All of these reasons, are mainly the foundation of me passing on so many supplement recommendations. However, there is one product that I highly recommend to my clients who have situations in their life, that is a great match for the benefits claimed by supplement company and its product. As per the suggestion of my good friend, Mike Mahler, I took a chance, and gave Transdermal Mineral Oil a shot.

I already knew about the great benefits of magnesium,and I know that Mike doesn’t recommend many supplements. However, when he does, I know he puts in the time and research in the product, as well as puts the product to use for himself.

I not only recommend Transdermal Magnesium Oil to my clients who train really hard, seek faster recovery between training, seek improved sleep quality, stress reduction, and may not be getting sufficient, yet highly important, magnesium in their diets; I also use Transdermal Magnesium Oil on a daily basis.
I saw immediate improvement in my recovery time, between training days.  Trust me, when performing lots of long cycle sets for Kettlebell Sport, on a weekly basis, quick and efficient recovery is a must. The fastest improvement I noted,once I began using the magnesium oil, was the improvement in my sleep quality.

I here from a number of people, who say they get at least 8 hours of sleep. However, when I ask them if it is an, uninterrupted, deep 8 hours of sleep, in which they wake up fully energized (often waking before the alarm goes off, with the same amount of energy), and ready to take on the world, that’s the moment I can usually “cue the crickets,” due to the lack of a response.

Take a moment to watch the following clip, as Mike explains how using Transdermal Magnesium Oil can really benefit your training and recovery program. It’s one of the very few products I will promote on this site. Why? Because I “am” an actual customer, and I am reaping the benefits of using it.

To find out more about the benefits of using Ancient Minerals Transdermal Mineral Oil, hop over to Mike’s website, by clicking here.