Live Life Aggressively Podcast #5 Guest: Jackson Yee Stops By To Discuss Mental Toughness Training: Episode #5


Ep.5 of  The Live Life Aggressively podcast is now available for download. Our guest this week is Mental Toughness expert, Jackson Yee. Jackson is the creator of the blog,


This week we discuss Jackson’s journey from teaching in South Central L.A. to Crossfit to how he lives and trains now. Also, Jackson discusses his love/hate relationship w/ Crossfit, his favorite training protocols for mental toughness, & his Academy Award winning “Skinny Fat” experience, and much more….


This Week’s Highlights:


  • The Perfection Misconception aka “Analysis Paralysis”
  • Jackson’s Journey From Teaching In South Central L.A. to Crossfit
  • The Benefits & Appeals of Crossfit vs. Bodybuilding -style Training
  • How Tough Physical Training Carries Over Into Tough Fiscal Training
  • Jackson’s Love/Hate Relationship w/most Crossfit Programs
  • The Downside of Treating Your Training Program Like Entertainment
  • Litvinov Training & Jackson’s Other Favorite Workouts for Mental Toughness
  • The Negative Aspects of Just “Being Positive,” & Other Self-Help Guru B.S.
  • The Crutch Known As “Support” Addiction
  • Four Personality Types To Avoid via “The Celestine Prophecy
  • Jackson’s Most Responsive Readers Of His Blog & It’s Not Who You Think
  • How Mental Toughness Training Can Help You Surpass Your Goals
  • Using Olympic Lifting To Overcome Fear
  • Jackson’s Academy Award Winning “Skinny Fat” Experience

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