Kettlebells and Bodyweight Training w/ MBodyStrength’s Marcus Martinez


My good friend & bad ass strength coach, Marcus Marinez of, put together a kick butt workout, to help you get your New Year off to a great start.¬† In this clip, Marcus utilizes 2 of my favorite training tools, kettlebells & bodyweight. Both are highly conventional, when you need to get in a highly “unconventional” and quick, full body workout.

Try this simple workout today for unreal conditioning.

1. Outside the Legs Double clean and squat
2. Triangle Pushup (close grip, wide grip, A-Fame pushup)
–30 sec each, 30 sec break
-Complete as many rounds as desired!

Big thanks to Marcus for putting the following workout together for all of the New Warriors of the New Warrior Nation. Be sure to check out his website,, for more great workouts, training advice, products, reviews, and much more.

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