Kettlebell/Bodyweight WOD: 040709 w/ a little Godsmack & 300 On Top


Warm Up: 5 min KB swings/ side x 16 kg

(super set the following exercises)

1a. Kettlebell Clean & Jerks 3 x 8 x 20 kg/side

1b. Close Grip Half Hindu Push Ups x 3 x 10

2a. KB dead high pull 3 x 24 kg x 10

2b. KB suitcase squat x 3 x 32 kg x 10

3a. Jump Rope x 125 x 4

3b. 1 arm squat thrusts (burpee w/o the push up or jump) x 25 x 4 (2 sets on ea. side)

Of course, a work out like this, deserves a little theme music. So as you bang out this workout of the day, bang it out to one of my favorite bands, Godsmack. Oh yeah, the scenes from 300 should also help bring out the warrior in you, too :- ) Enjoy, and be sure to leave your comments below!