Dedicated To The Kettlebell Sport Athlete: “Train As A Cell – Build As A Body”


I dedicate this to all Kettlebell Sport athletes. I know this is how we feel when we are training. However, at the end of the day, we are like an cell, in the human body. Each one of us, just like a cell in the body, has an individual responsibility to grow, prosper, and remain active. We don’t get a chance to clock in and out. This is a 24/7 job, whether we are training for your individual event of choice, maintaining supportive nutrition, getting adequate rest & sleep, or seeking and participating in supportive recovery, before, during, and after training sessions.

Although, we must take care of our individual roles, it is also our responsibility to communicate and build this sport & culture, with other GS athletes. Such, is no different than when one cell must actively and positively communicate with other cells, in order to help a body progress and prosper. Indeed, we are the macrocosm of the microcosm of Kettelbell Sport and Kettlebell culture, despite our individual goals and aspirations.

Yes, it can get really tough, when training alone. It can be tough training in a sport, so few know about or understand, beyond the boundaries of Russia. It can be really tough motivating yourself, on a daily basis to set aside time, during our already busy lives, to spend an hour or two daily, training for 10 minutes of uncertainty.  It can be tough, justifying your passion for this sport and the time you need to dedicate to it, to the ones your love most, who also are vying for your time and attention.

No matter how tough it gets, if it is in your heart, it is worth every sacrifice and every unsuccessful attempt to achieve a certain amount of reps per minute, during your training. It is worth every blister and/or callous. It is worth every drop of blood, every tear, every drop of sweat, you earn during each training session. It is worth every dollar spent traveling to learn and compete with those who share your passion, your pain, your failures, your strengths, your desire, your sacrifices, your defeats, your victories. It is worth every workshop you attend, despite organization affiliation, despite country of choice, despite if the instructor has competed in the sport for a year or the instructor has been competing since adolescence and has a neck full of championship medals that honor their dedication and hard work. Thus, they too share your passion, pain, and sacrifices.

As you see, it is not about 1 cell, 1 body, 1 kettlebell sport athlete, 1 kettlebell organization, 1 country, or 1 training session or kettelbell meet that did not go as you had planned. It’s all about  “ALL” of the above, working and training together to build one progressing, growing sport. However, paradoxically, you must first stand alone to stand together. Yet, you can only succeed in dishonoring your passion and desire, by hiding behind the masks of your past failures, unwelcomed experiences, or future unknowns.

All you have is NOW! Alone, you celebrate your passion for Kettlebell Sport, one rep at a time, during your training. Together, we celebrate kettlebell culture one meet, one workshop, one social media group, one shared event email, one shared YouTube video, one instructional DVD, one historical photo, and most importantly, one “Hell Yeah,” “Way To Go,” “Awesome Job,” “Keep Up The Good Work,” at a time.

For every moment “YOU” stand alone in training, “WE” stand together as a sport and as a culture!

Got a passion for kettlebell sport, train as a kettlebell athlete, or are you curious about kettlebell sport? Then share your comments below!