Kettlebell Farmers Walk For Full Body Conditioning by Houston Kettlebell Coach Sincere Hogan


I love the kettlebell farmers walk. It’s excellent for full body training for size and strength, as well as improving overall conditioning. Farmers walks are also great for MMA conditioning, and grip strength training. Muay Thai practitioners will definitely love the grip power gained from farmers walks, for creating a powerful clinch.

Take a look at the following video, as I, along with my training partner, Russell, demonstrate some great tips on performing the kettlebell farmers walk.

Here’s the workout described in the video. Give it a try, and let em know how you do. Have fun. This is a true butt-kicker. However, the fat burned during this workout, is soooooooo worth it.

WOD: 020509

Kettlebell Farmers Walk (upstairs & downstairs) x 24 kg

Round 1 – x 5 min x 3 min rest
Round 2 – x 4 min x 3 min rest
Round 3 – x 3 min x 3 min rest
Round 4 – x 2 min x 3 min rest
Round 5 – x 1 min x 3 min rest

p.s. Check out more strongman and kettlebell exercises, that both men and women can benefit from, by peeping my buddy Mike Mahler’s “Collision Course” DVD set. I learned a lot from this workshop, especially about utilizing strongman exercises to everyday training, from World’s Strongest Man great, Mark Philippi. Check it out here.