June 1st is The New January 1st + Sincere Trains For The Men’s Health Urbathalon in Chicago


What’s up fellow Warriors & She-Warriors. I just got back from the Fast Track To Fitness Millions Summit in New Jersey, and I’m still amped! Not only did I discover even more ways of bringing you the best warrior tools here on NWT, but I recorded some killer videos of my fellow warrior trainers from around the globe, doing some killer workouts.

Well, I wouldn’t call them workouts. It was more like a bunch of big kids playing on the playground. By the way, there’s nothing like crashing an Indian wedding than performing feats of kettlebell and body weight strength, nail bending, impromptu Capoeira play, Aussie Rules football – medicine ball style, and jump rope show-and-tell, in the middle of the wedding party’s waiting area. Gangsta!

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OK, now on to the good stuff. Today is June 1. June is a gangsta month for me. My birthday is in 8 days. Thus, June 1st is always my January 1st. It always marks the beginning of the birth of a “new” me. So, it’s time for me to crank out some challenges for the next 365 days.

My first challenge is to begin training for the Men’s Health Magazine Urbathalon in Chicago. The Urbathalon is a 10 mile race of pure insanity! Warriors and She-Warriors come from all around, to run the race as a 3 member team or solo. It’s not your typical marathon. We’ll be jumping over taxis, hopping over walls, crawling under all kinds of madness, from one side of Chi-town, all the way to the Navy Pier. Honestly, it’s basically like running 10 miles from the Po-Po’s (Po Po = “the police” the urban vernacular impaired). Hell-to-the yeah!

My first workout, in preparation, for the event is listed below. I performed a 50/10 workout of 5 exercises. (50 seconds of work and 10 secs of rest) for 3 rounds, first thing this morning. I plan on doing a gangsta kettlebell workout this afternoon. The workout below was a 15 minute killer, but I’m amped, baby! Give it try, and let me know how it works out for you.

I needed some music to get me hyped, so I popped in one of 50/10 rock CDs from Workout Muse, and got it cracking:

1. Jump Rope (fast skipping)
2. Push Ups (3 secs. down/1 sec up)
3. Jump Squats
4. Hindu Push Ups
5. Alt. Muay Thai Reverse Elbow Strikes

After eating that madness at Friendly’s restaurant in Morristown, N.J., this past weekend, I needed this early morning butt-kicking!

We’re 6 months in the game now, for 2009. What have you accomplished with your training so far? What goals (old & new), and PRs are you going to slay in the next 6 months? Let your boy know, by sharing your comments.