EP.#107: Red Deer, Canada-based strength coach Jase Nibourg overcame financial issues, working in the unhealthy oil fracking industry, & trying to keep his family together, in order to build a burgeoning fitness business. Listen & find out how he did it




Jase Nibourg is a strength & conditioning coach based in Red Deer, Alberta Canada. However, prior to becoming a strength & conditioning coach on the rise, Jase had to overcome some serious personal demons and life struggles before deciding to live life on his own terms.
His journey would take him from working in the not-so-healthy & highly controversial Oil Fracking business, trying to maintain a family life, constant financial issues, to eventually realizing his dreams of being an entrepreneur and utilizing his position to help others. Listen in as Jase discusses the following:


  • Jase shares how he went from “fracking” to fitness & how the LLA podcast helped to inspire him to take charge of his life
  • What are the downfalls of the “21 day to create a new habit” theory
  • What you can learn from the focus of a Facebook stalker in order to make serious changes in your fitness program or your business
  • How did Jase & his fiancée put a plan in motion that eventually helped him start his entrepreneur endeavors while she was able to attend school, & how did Mike’s book, “Live Life Aggressively” play a part in their plans
  • What are some of the reasons many would rather work for someone else instead of being an entrepreneur
  • Why “Backup plans,” “exit strategies,” & “set time frames” are recipes for disaster
  • Why easy workouts are the worst workouts
  • How to benefit and grow from the “power of sucking
  • Jase shares the startup costs and in and outs of starting his mobile personal training business & what you can learn from his start
  • Jase discusses how you can successfully use joint ventures & unconventional partnerships with other businesses in order to grow you business
  • The guys discuss how to utilize your businesses to help give back to the community, no matter where your business is financially 
All this and much more:
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