Is that all you’ve got, Ike? I’m Still Standing…yeah, yeah, yeah


After a very interesting and tumultuous 72 hours, I can boldly say my family and I survived hurricane ike. The interesting thing is, it was not the hurricane that worried me. My oly fear was the safety and fear of my kiddos. However, they proved to be stronger warriors than I could ever anticipate. Nothing is more inspiring than a 9 and 14 year old, who defy fear of 80 mph winds by playing board games,and later sleeping through the storm as if nothing ever happened.

My kiddos kick major you-know-what!  Now, how will you take on the ugly faces of adversity this week? are you going to let things like a crazy work schedule, new fall classes, a shaky relationship, a crazy mother-in-law, high gas prices, an unstable stock market, or Obama or Palin’s inexperience keep you from staying on track with your training program? Really? If so, just remember, not even a category 2 hurricane could break the spirit of two young children, so why should the “smaller” obstacles in life listed above, break yours.

How do you face obstacles that may interfere with your training program? Please share them in the comments section below.