How Ladies Benefit From Kettlebell Training via The Warrior Goddesses of The Ice Chamber


I must admit, the growing popularity of training with kettlebells, here in the West, is a blessing and a curse. It’s a curse when you see cheesy late night infomercials pimping this great tool with 80s-style step aerobic routines, and isolation exercises, such as arm curls. Come on! If you want to do arms curls, use a dumb bell!

However, if you are looking for a space-saving/time-saving tool that builds cardio endurance, increases lean muscle, burns fat, builds strength, increases flexibility, and helps strengthen joints, among many other healthy benefits, then adding the kettlebell to your fitness toolbox is the way to go.

One of my kettlebell colleagues, and a great mom and kettlebell instructor, lost 50 pounds of post-baby weight, shortly after having a baby, by using kettlebell training. In fact, I believe Maya would tell you, she looked and felt better from her kettlebell training, after giving birth, than before her pregnancy.

One of the main concerns of a lot of my warrior goddesses (and even some of my fellow warriors), when it comes to lifting any type of weight, is bulking up. Most of us have heard that in order to burn more calories, you need to build more lean muscle. Just to let you know, folks, all of that long, slow cardio is not the way to go, in order to burn fat. All you do is burn much needed muscle. Thus, you go from being fluffy-fat to “skinny-fat,” and “skinny fat” is soooooooo “Not Sexy!”

I tell you what, since seeing is “sometimes” believing, check out the video below, from a recent news feature on my homies from “The Ice Chamber” out in Cali. Take a look at the strong ladies, who actually look like “ladies.” They are lean, strong, and they lift heavy….well, you know. In fact, you will even see my friend Maya in this video, whom I mentioned above. She lost 50 pounds of post-baby fat, and look at her now!

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