Houston’s “Primal Iron” Crew Serves A Dose of 10 Min. Tire Flipping Madness


Here’s part 2 (the next day) of my visit to Houston’s Primal Gym, one of the premiere underground gyms in Htown. In this clip, the Reverend, Bart Stewart, David Brashear, and MMA Lightweight Pro, Carlo Prater demonstrate, what Bart calls: “Steel Belted Radial Therapy.”

The guys basically flip a 450 pound tractor tire, in “round robin” fashion, for 10 minutes straight, without rest (other than while you’re waiting your turn). Talk about some serious conditioning. I’ve always heard, the best things come in 3’s. The guys show how a group of 3 Warriors can have a kick ass workout.

However, you can do this same workout with 2 or more. There are “No Rules,” except practicing good form, having fun, and kicking butt.

Check it out, and be sure to catch part 3 (the final crazy workout the guys put together), soon to follow.

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