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Coach Sincere Hogan

Sincere Hogan is the owner of New Warrior Training Systems & New
Warrior Media, LLC, based in Houston, TX. Better known as “The
People’s Fit Coach
,” Sincere’s mission is to coach, empower, and
inspire individuals to tap into their varied resources, in order to
create the health and fitness lifestyle they truly desire.

Sincere is not only the ultimate fat killer, but the consummate self-confidence

For nearly a decade, Sincere’s New Warrior Training Systems’ holistic
blend of mental programming, training recovery, bodyweight,
kettlebell, and unconventional training methods has successfully
helped countless clients of various age groups, fitness ranges, and
backgrounds, exceed their goals and expectations. Sincere is truly a
connoisseur in the art of human movement, and loves to share that
passion with others, at every available opportunity.

It’s that love for movement and strength that has lead Sincere to
teach over 1500 classes, workshops, and lectures in the past 8 years,
while garnering certifications from such reputable organizations such

* The International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy [IKSFA] (Level 1 Kettlebell Sport Coach)
* The International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation [IKFF] (Certified Kettlebell Teacher Level 1 & 2/Assistant Coach)
* The International Sports Sciences Association [ISSA] (Certified Personal Trainer)
* The American Kettlebell Club [AKC] (Certified Kettlebell Lifting Coach & Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning Coach)
* The International Youth Conditioning Association [ISSA] (Level 1 Youth Fitness Specialist)
* The International Fitness Association – [IFA] (Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist)
* John Brookfield’s Battling Rope Certification – Level 1 Battling Ropes Coach
* Certified Undeground Strength Coach via Zach Even-Esh

Sincere is the author of the best-selling “Ultimate Bodyweight
Conditioning for Strength & Fat Loss
” DVD, has successfully coached 12
teams, in preparation for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon annual race in
Chicago (2009 & 2010), and has been featured regularly on numerous television and
radio stations, and has been interviewed, featured, & contributed
fitness articles in national published magazines & newspapers such as:

* Family Energy
* IronMan Japan
* Family Digest
* My Mad Methods
* The San Antonio Express News
* Health & Fitness Sports Magazine and various health & fitness
sites on the web


Sincere has received training and/or has worked directly with top Strength & Conditioning Coaches such as: Mike Mahler, Tom Furman, Dylan Thomas, Mark Philippi, John Brookfield, Andrew Durniat, Marty Farrel, Tom Platz, as well as top MMA coaches, Tony Torres-Aponte, Yves Edwards, and Scott “Bam Bam” Sullivan.

Sincere has been featured regularly on Fox 26 Morning News‘s “Workout Wednesdays,” and was also featured as the exclusive trainer for Clear Channel Radio‘s Arrow 93.7’s “World’s Biggest Loser” contest. Sincere has also been featured on more than one occasion on Houston’s KTSU-FM, KPFT-FM, and in Health & Fitness Sports Magazine.

Hogan, is a proud father and husband, and currently lives in Houston, TX. with his beautiful wife Paulette.

Sincere may be contacted at info [at] Please replace [at] with the @ symbol.


Sincere w/ Coach Valery Fedorenko at AKC certification workshop: Houston


Sincere with IKFF instructors Ken Blackburn & Steve Cotter @ inaugural IKFF certification workshop: Chicago

Strength & Kettlebell Coaches Jason Dolby, Sincere Hogan, & Mike Mahler @ Mahler's Collision Course Workshop in Las Vegas

Strength & Kettlebell Coaches Jason Dolby, Sincere Hogan, & Mike Mahler @ Mahler's Collision Course Workshop in Las Vegas

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