Houston Coach Sincere Hogan Having Fun Tumbling at Gymboree!


Here’s a clip of my son and I having a “Tumble-off” at my niece’s first birthday party at Gymboree. Honestly, I think we “big kids” were playing more than the little kids.

We did cart wheels, tuck and rolls, flips, and I think my son even threw in some “jerks.” (the jerk dance…not the ballistic strength training kind…lol). My days of playing Capoeira actually saved me on some of the cartwheels 🙂

All in all, we had fun, and I got a good workout done, in the name of “playing.” That’s how it should always be….fun and play!
I think my son had more fun, simply by falling.

While tumbling, a newly grown tiny dreadlock was sacrificed, for the sake of play. Oh well, it was fun and it was worth it. Get out and play! You’re never too old!

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