Former “The Biggest Loser” Contestant Shares Unhealthy Reality Of The TV Show


Here’s an interesting news clip shared on Facebook by my friends Mike Sanders and Angie Lee, in regards to a former “The Biggest Loser” contestants allegations regarding the true reality of participating on the show. Kai Hibbard, a Season 3 TBL contestant, shares her experience from the show with CBS reporter, Erica Hill, about the dramatic means contestants go through to lose large amounts of weight during the show, the pressure contestants receive from the show’s producers to put up massive weight loss numbers each week, and how Hibbard’s drastic dieting choices affected her health, including losing her hair, due to unhealthy dieting.

Yes, some of us can state, viewers of such shows as the Biggest Loser, should know it’s “just” reality TV, and they should no the measures used on such shows is extreme. However, do not forget, most people watch such shows to escape their “own realities,” and try to live vicariously through the participants of such shows.

Also, I honestly believe, most viewers of reality TV, avid readers of gossip magazines, and those who constantly watch the news, enjoy such venues as a way to make themselves feel better knowing, that quite possibly, their lives are not the only ones that suck. In fact, the lives of the folks they read about and watch on these shows, seemed to suck even more.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone the majority of the methods and message given by such shows as TBL. However, it is TV, and it is a “business.” However, the biggest step we can all do to improve our lives, is to take responsibility for them. “Own” our past mistakes, and “take action” to do the opposite of all of the things that do not support a better quality of life for us.

At the end of the day, those that play the “Blame Game” always end up being “The Biggest Losers!

I would love to hear your thoughts about Kai’s experience on the show. Should Kai receive praise for sharing her experience of what goes on behind the scenes of the show? Do you feel she is simply getting another 15 seconds of fame? Do you think shows such as “The Biggest Loser” are truly an inspiration to those needing to make a healthy lifestyle change? Or, is the show, it’s producers, and trainer, irresponsible for creating a what could be perceived as an illusion to those seeking a healthy lifestyle? Please share your thoughts below.

You can learn more about how Kai is living a healthier lifestyle, by following her blog at

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  • Christina

    I guess my response to this is what was a better option for her? She was given a pretty big gift to get onto that show. It saved her life. She probably never would have done this on her own. She has saved herself potentially from diabetes and a myriad of health problems. Should she have done this in a more moderate manner… yes. But that is what you have to deal with to get on the show. Having that much weight off of you that quickly is something most people would kill themselves for. I just can't feel sorry for her or criticize the show. Maybe the Early Show can trash bodybuilders who diet down to ridiculously low levels of body fat very quickly. That is not healthy either… but its done all the time. Boo who Kai… get over it. If you don't like it… gain it all back and lose it slowly at 2 pounds a week “the right way”.

  • Stylinred

    Think some people may misunderstand what's going on here; she's grateful for the show and the weight she's lost all she's saying is that people should understand its not simply some hard work week after week that lets you lose double digits its actually being even more unhealthy than you are which leads you to dropping so much weight.

    I've always known that the show is misrepresenting to the public the state the contestants are in but most people don't know that and they actually try to recreate the show with their own lives (many don't realize that there is actually a mini hospital on the set to monitor these contestants because of the precarious situation they're in)

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