Fit Coach Sincere Hogan’s Workout Using Kettlebells, Sledgehammers, Tires, & Bodyweight


Always consult a medical professional before starting a fitness program.

The following workout is designed to help you get hella strong, while
building quality lean muscle, burning fat, and increasing your strength
and power.

The coolest part about this workout is the equipment used is inexpensive,
easy to transport (so you can train anywhere), help train just about
every muscle of the body, and to tell the truth, makes you look and feel
like a true warrior or warrior goddess when you are doing it!

The workout is as follows:

Perform each station for 1 minute, with 1 minute of rest between each round
(intermediate and advanced level) or 2-3 minutes (beginner). Beginners may rest
1 minute between each station. Intermediates may rest 30sec – 1min. btwn ea. station.
advanced may rest 30 secs to no rest btwn stations. Perform this workout for 3 rounds.

Suggested Equipment Used In This Workout:

1. Gym Boss Interval Timer: Grab a Gym Boss timer at
2. 1 Kettlebell:
3. 8/10/16# sledgehammer or pair of 6# Striking Mallots – Home Depot/Lowes/Local Hardware store
4. 1 Tire – Tire shop or salvage yard
5. A ton of underground workouts:

You can find more hardcore workouts like this, as well
as other kick— workouts that use kettlebells, sledgehammers, tires, sandbags,
& a lot more from my buddy Zach Evan-Esh at http://newwarriorunderground, or
follow my workouts at

  • Richard

    Nice circuit. I think I’m gonna run this a few times to have some fun.

  • Sincere

    Sounds great Richard. Please come back here, and post what you thought of the workout, once you’ve given it a try. I would love to here your results.

  • tedskup

    Checkout my website on Push-Ups.