Feeling A Little Tight In The Hips, Lately? Consider Kettlebell Windmills


If you are feeling a little tight in the hips, or have shoulder issues, the kettlebell windmill is excellent for shoulder stabilization, hip flexibility, building a strong back and core, and so much more. It’s very important to keep the hips flexible, as they are highly responsible for a lot of our daily movement. Also, keeping your hips loose and flexible, can be one of the most important elements to help you avoid injury during exercise, along with great form.

Check out the following video, as I show you some tips on performing this great exercise safely, and effectively. Keep in mind, if you are a beginner, practice the kettlebell windmill without a kettlebell, until you become comfortable with the mechanics of the exercise, as demonstrated in this video.

Also, keep in mind, the kettlebell windmill is not about how heavy your kettlebell is. This is not an exercise for the ego, so check it at the door. Always use a weight you can safely maintain control of, with good form throughout this exercise.

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“The People’s Fit Coach”

p.s. What’s your favorite kettlebell exercise? Why? I would love to hear your opinions. So please share them in the comments section.

  • I just got a kettlebell and I LOVE it!

    Still learning proper form for exercises, so I appreciate your comment about doing the windmill without the KB at first.

    Sounds like a simple suggestion but my brain just wasn’t going there. I was trying to “get it” using the KB and had almost decided that I didn’t like windmills. Now, I’ll practice without the KB and then add it once I “get it”.

    Also, I love the visual description you give to different aspects of the proper form – lats & KB don’t like each other – everything OK in the back – windshield wiper feet. I like to think about things like this when I exercise to make sure that my form maintains integrity.

    I loved the video. I want you to make more since I can’t go to Houston to train with you. 🙂

  • Sincere

    I’m glad you like the video Lori. Hopefully, I can inspire you to keep slinging those bells. I will definitely post more videos.

    Are there any particular exercises or questions, you like for me to cover?

  • Sincere,

    My new best friend is my 1.5 pood KB. Actually I have since upgraded to a 2 pood and dang you I feel like a BEAST when I train with that bad boy. From Swings, to Cleans, Windmills to Get Ups. It is sick and I’m lookin forward to being able to do a Turkish Get Up with one of the Day Care Workers lol. She only 109 pounds. Bit more practice with the 2 pood and she’ll be right.

    Lovin this blog mate…

    See you in T.O.

    Adam Toohey

  • Sincere

    I’m sure your day care worker can’t wait! Haha. Just think of here as 2-2 Poods with one hand…plus a couple of KGs.

    Thanks for the comment, broseph, and I am looking forward to hanging out with you in T.O.

  • netslinger

    Excellent description of a windmill, especially the “stack the bones” and “windshield wipers” references! Makes it so much easier to remember how to keep the form!

  • netslinger

    Excellent description of a windmill, especially the “stack the bones” and “windshield wipers” references! Makes it so much easier to remember how to keep the form!