Ep.#76: Tips on the choosing the best time to add recovery to your training program, how to score 1st class seats the next time you fly, which supplements cause the “Inception” effect, & how the beer industry is turning more men into women,




Ep.#76: Mike and Sincere share tips on recovery ad injury prevention, as well as how the beer industry has been lying to so many men for years. Also, find out why and when is the best time to upgrade to first class, for your next flight.

Plus, find out what would make Mike wear a burka, as well as what you should know the next time you see Mike chilling next a public pool in Las Vegas. All of this and much much is on this week’s episode, plus the following:
  • When is the best time to include recovery in your training program
  • What injury has Sincere on the shelf, at the moment, and what you can learn from his experience
  • Mike & Sincere weigh in on the recent Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira UFC match up & predict what’s next for the champ
  • Why the beer commercials are fooling men, while slowing turning them into women
  • What’s the key ingredient needed to make your beer more manly
  • Tips on scoring first class seats on your next flight & what’s really going on behind the 1st class curtain
  • A message to people with multiple gym memberships, as well as a garage full of cars
  • What happens when you mix Mike Mahler, dark sunglasses, a book, and the Palms casino swimming pool
  • What’s the only event that would prompt Mike to wear a burka
  • What supplement aids in recovery, as well as promotes lucid dreaming and the “Inception” effect
  • How you can buck Obamacare and order your own blood work, at home
  • How you can grab the remaining spots  for the Live Life Aggressively Summit in September


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1. Releasing Pro – http://antiaging-systems.com

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