Ep.#197: Top strength coach Lee Boyce returns to see if Mike & Sincere reached their 2016 training goals predictions, Tim Ferris’s & Tony Robbins’s misleading strength claims, training in the 40’s vs the 30’s & 20’s, and more



Top strength coach, Lee Boyce, returns to the LLA show to share the results of his 2016 training goals, as predicted on episode #159, to see if Mike & Sincere made good on their predictions, explains why he is

 sitting in his car in “stake out” mode, as well as discusses the following:
  • The guys share the results of their training year predictions, declared on episode #159
  • Why you should never be concerned with performing better than the average person
  • What inspires at least 60% of Lee’s famous tweets & what can armchair online “strength coaches”
  • The guys discuss the benefits of longevity training
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about taking a couple of weeks off, if you’ve spent most of your life being strong
  • Why you should avoid “The Yeahbuts” & great expectations
  • Lee asks Mike & Sincere’s approach to training in their 40’s compared to their 30’s and 20’s
  • Why is strength training basically a lot of “psychological tricks
  • Lee discusses the detriment of fitness summits and fitness professionals who cater to fitness professionals
  • What folks like Tim Ferris & Tony Robbins leave out when they boast about their 500lb+ lifts
  • The guys share their 2017 training goals
All this and much more:
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