Complex Kettlebell Exercise Beach Workout: Guest Post from Jon Celis for My Mad Methods


Despite all of this crazy winter weather, in February, let’s not lose site of one fact: Spring “is” around the corner. Thus, it’s only a matter of time before you will have to shed those winter layers, and get your body ready for Spring Break, pool side parties, and start eying the season’s hottest two-piece (and no, I’m not talking about a two-piece from KFC).

(Is that a hot tub by the pool, or are you just happy to see me?)

Since we are only a month away from Spring, my buddy’s over at My Mad & My Mad Methods Magazine have put together a great  workout to get you ready for the warmth & sunshine, utilizing two of my favorite cost-effective training tools: Kettlebells & Bodyweight.

In the following clip, Jon Celis of Absolut Fitness, performs a series of complex kettlebell exercises and crawling bodyweight exercises in Long Beach, California (yeah, I’m a bit jealous). In addition to the complex kettlebell exercises, Jon is also using different crawl exercises featured in my new DVD: “Ultimate Bodyweight Conditioning for Strength & Fat Loss.”

Give this workout a shot & leave a comment below to let us know how you do.

Complex Kettlebell Exercise Beach Workout:

A1: Pistol Clean to Squat to Press – 3 x 5ES
A2: Sabertooth Crawl – 3 x 50 yards

B1: Double Snatch to Front Squat – 3 x 10
B2: Attacking Primate – 3 x 50 yards

C1: Snatch to Overhead Squat to Windmill – 3 x 5ES
C2: Alligator Push Up Crawl – 3 x 50 yards

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  • Nice workout! Do you think it is too late to begin now that it is almost June?

  • Sincere

    It’s never too late! Get up, get started, get going.