Coach Sincere Hogan’s Bodyweight & Kettlebell Workouts of Day For The Week of 01/26/09


Here’s a look at my body weight and kettlebell workouts of the day, that I performed with my New Warrior Kettlebell class and my New Warrior FitCamp (formally known as JoshOne FitCamp & Fitness Bootcamps)¬† in Houston, TX. It’s been a killer week. Monday’s workout, definitely set the tone for this week’s intensity.

Always take time to work on your joint mobility exercises before you train, and take the time to rejuvenate with stretching, moderate walking, or practices, such as qi gong, after your workout.

Monday: 012609

    1. Prisoner Jump Squats x 100
    2. Hindu Push Ups x 80
    3. Hindu Squats x 60
    4. Spiderman Lunge x 40 ea. side
    5. Mountain Jumper Push Ups x 20

    Tuesday: 012709

(Taking it kinda easy, since my body is still mad at me for Monday’s workout…my bad!)

1. Alt. Kettlebell Swings x 2 min x 3 rounds
2. Step Ups x 2 min x 3 rounds
3. 2 Handed Kettlebell Swing x 2 min x 2 rounds

45 minutes of Dynamic Stretching & Joint Mobility

Wednesday: 012809

    1. Perform as many rounds of 100 jump ropes (with various rest in between ea.) x 25 minutes.
    I performed 23 rounds in 25 min.

    Thursday: 012909

Today, I will take it easy and perform some kettelbell core and hip work.

1. Kettlebell turkish get-up/windmill combo x 3 x 5
2. Double Kettlebell get up-sit ups x 3 x 5

Friday: Rest Day

    (Time to book a massage! Jerry, can you help a brother out!!!!!!!!!!!)