"Coach Sincere Hogan Demonstrates Hill Sprints For Fat Loss"


Hill Sprints are excellent for fat loss, gaining strength, lean muscle building, and explosive power. Hill sprints not only give a great cardio workout, but also build muscle.

Incorporating hill sprints in your routine once or twice a week, on non-consecutive days, is an excellent way to speed up your fat loss, and improve your conditioning. As always, check with a medical professional, before beginning a fitness program.

Keep in mind, hill sprints really rev up the heart, and taxes the body with short bursts of energy. No worries, that’s a good thing for the most part.

However, if you are a beginner, ease into a hill sprint routine. Stay hydrated, and perform proper joint mobility exercises before and after your training. How do you incorporate sprints into your routine? If you do not include them, what has held you back from add them? Leave your reply below.
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  • Wow hill sprint is really works i guess. cool video to look.
    I will try this exercise and add it to my workout surely.