A Peek Inside Steve Cotter’s IKFF Kettlebell Certification in Dallas


Here’s a sneak peek at the fun we had at Steve Cotter’s IKFF CKT kettlebell certification in Dallas, TX. Special thanks to my man, John “Wild” Buckley & Nazo, of Orange Kettlebell Club, for putting together a great video.

There are a lot of great IKFF Kettlebell Certification weekends coming up, and maybe to a city near you. I hope to see you there, and look forward to you becoming a part of the IKFF certified kettlebell teacher team of instructors.

I want to give big props to Steve Cotter, Ken “K-Black” Blackburn, Jason Dolby, John “Wild” Buckley, Nazo, Nico, Bob Garon, BJ, Lisa Shaffer, The Dallas Police Academy, Monica Brant, Tammy, Rev. Bart, & all of the new IKFF coaches. You all rocked it!

  • The Dallas team was, in my opinion, the absolute strongest team I have experienced working alongside.

  • Sincere,

    Man I cannot wait until these boys come to Toronto. Some true beasts in that video and as always Mr. Steve Cotter is not human. Hope you can make it to TO with them in May my friend. Thanks for the post

    Adam Toohey

  • Sincere

    I totally agree, Bob. The energy of this group, was inspiring.

  • Sincere

    Adam, I will definitely be in the house in T.O. I wouldn’t miss it, broseph!