Articles from December 2017

Ep.#197: Top strength coach Lee Boyce returns to see if Mike & Sincere reached their 2016 training goals predictions, Tim Ferris’s & Tony Robbins’s misleading strength claims, training in the 40’s vs the 30’s & 20’s, and more

  Top strength coach, Lee Boyce, returns to the LLA show to share the results of his 2016 training goals, as predicted on episode #159, to see if Mike & Sincere made good on their predictions, explains why he is

Ep.#196: Ron Morris talks life as a pro wrestler, his friendshp w/the legendary Road Warrios, life in a biker gang, kettlebell training with the RKC, utilizing Qigong to help counteract debilitating diseases, and more

Ron Morris is the quintessential renaissance man, whose life includes a career as a pro wrestler, training with the likes of the legendary Road Warriors, a member of a real life motorcycle gang, opening the first

Ep.#195: Harley Flanagan talks jiu-jitsu, Renzo Gracie, the infamous Cro-Mags/John Joseph/Webster Hall incident, his influence on Mike Mahler, and more

  Harley Flanagan, longtime member of legendary New York hardcore band, The Cro-Mags, makes his debut appearance on the