Articles from April 2016

Ep.#174: Warrior Angels Foundation founder, Andrew Marr talks helping vets overcome brain injuries, PTSD and TBI’s surprising connection to the rise in homelessness and incarceration

  Andrew Marr is a former Special Forces Green Beret, founder of Warrior Angels Foundation, an organization whose sole purpose is

Ep.#173: “Proteinaholic” author, Dr. Garth Davis dispels daily protein requirements, soy and legume misinformation, why carbs aren’t making you fat but chicken is, and more

  Dr. Garth Davis, is the author of the best-selling book “Proteinaholic,” and is a highly sought-after and respected physician and

Ep.#172: MMA Strength and Conditioning coach, Corey Beasley, talks creating proper conditioning programs for combat athletes, avoiding unnecessary injuries during training camps, recovery, and more

  Corey Beasley, is the owner of Innovative Results training center in Costa Mesa, CA. & is a top MMA Strength and