Articles from March 2016

Ep.#171: Jake Shannon talks creating the Macebell, collaborating with catch as-catch can wrestling legend Karl Gotch, Bill Robinson, and Fujiwara, macebell vs kettlebell training, Frank Shamrock and more

  Jake Shannon, creator of the Macebell, Scientific Wrestling, & the Pin & Submit training seminars, joins us to

Ep.#170: Ori Hofmekler, author of The Warrior Diet, returns to discuss the health benefits of stress, stress mimicking nutrients, why the anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and stevia hype-train should end

  Ori Hofmekler, best known as the author of best-selling books such as, “The Warrior Diet,” “The Anti-Estrogen Diet,” as well as

Ep.#169: T-Nation contributor, Christian Thibaudeau, talks lactic acid training, the ideal Crossfit athlete, the benefits of kettlebells isolation exercises and more

    Christian Thibaudeau is a Canadian bodybuilder, author, and world renown strength coach. Christian gained notability in

Ep.#168: Mark Leruste discusses committing “Corporate Adultery,” UFC196, the “Movember” movement, Miesha Tate, pro athlete mental health issues, Pleasure Traps and more

  Mark Leruste, also known as “The Unconventional Hustler, is an award winning men’s

Ep.#167: Ted Ryce shares how to benefit from negative life events, is it a good idea to publicly share your goals, why most pro-capitalists are actually pro-socialists

  Fitness pro, Ted Ryce, returns to the LLA Show to discuss the following: What are the pros and cons of the personal

Ep.#166: What are the anti-estrogenic and fat loss benefits of green tea, is it time for a new LLApodcast live event, are you missing out on pour over coffee’s benefits, and more

  This week, Mike & Sincere discuss the following: Mike discusses new studies showing the fat-burning and estrogen-blocking effects of